John Daryl | XVI | Writer

It is the day that things turned out as the star expected it to. Clouds of sorrow came upon a coward young man, I call “myself”. Gray tinted heavenly bodies poured gallons of tears to his lifeless and worthless body.

Yesterday, his soul stayed beside his body. His soul looked at his corpse lying on the wet pavement drenched by raindrops and blood.

Yesterday is the day, this lonely man, will always remember, Not only it was the day of his death, but also the day he knew the truth.

Yesterday, the girl he once risked his life for, took it from him. Sorrow and the feeling of regret was all that his lifeless heart felt.

Yesterday, he died on her arms, and by her hands. It was the day; she finally confessed that her heart never did make a beat for this miserable man.

Yesterday, I died, and my soul realized he never did have a soulmate.

Yesterday was the start of his infinite misery.

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