© accioloki

This heart of mine
yearns for the kind of love that
leaves the doors open
and the lights on

The kind that’s willing
to sit for hours on the park bench
even if the sun sets
and the trees turn bare

It need not to be
the kind that does not
leave an inch of your skin
untouched, but the kind
that’s there to kiss you
when you needed it most

A love that tastes like
the stars. Love that makes
us close our mouths
until the other runs out of
words to say

This heart of mine
yearns for the kind of love
that’s willing to wait.

Even if it means staying awake
for a couple of hours passed midnight
Even if it means leaving the
lights turned on for two
more nights
Even if it means standing by
the sea shore for an eternity

Love is Patient | (j.d.a)

From the ashen grounds, they will rise
toward the infinite horizon
With bones of steel, they’ll reach the skies
These metal titans have risen

A child below tilts up his head;
No sun to grasp only dark beams
for these titans, just want to spread
their shadows upon this child’s dreams

From the ashen ground, the titans rise
to reach stars they’ve dreamt of reaching
to have the pearls of the night skies
to live the dreams they are dreaming

The child below tilts down his head
and his dreams are set on fire
The legend’s story died unsaid
Unknown was his true desire

Yet from his ash, the child rises
The Legend reborn, rewritten
with hardened bones and sharper eyes
The dead child now is a Titan

The child who once dreamt of the skies
The child who dreamt but was weakened
Now a Titan who’s on the rise
to the horizon unending

The Child Among Titans, The Titan Among Children | (j.d.a)

When someone asks you to kiss them,
ask them first if their kiss would make
your nights sleepless and scatter stars
upon your lips. Tell them to write you
poetry first and that you’d kiss them
given the condition that their poem
would touch the untouchable part
of the human soul. If they argue with
you, tell them: it’s either you take me
or you leave me. No in-betweens. And
when they finally shut their mouth, slowly
whisper this: You cannot go to the park
and throw your heart at random people
and expect them to throw theirs in return.

Then slowly walk backwards as you look
them in the eye. Search for the answer,
that often than not is overshadowed
by the very questions you just threw at them.

Then turn your back,
and leave them. Chin
up, chest out.

— (j.d.a)
    Remember this:
after all this time,
the sun still has
no idea, that the
moon has been
loving him ever since

But take a look
at the moon;
that’s how beautiful
unrequited lovers glow
in the dark.
— (j.d.a)
    I should have not
spent my nights
sharing our stories
with the stars

Now, there is
not a time that
I gaze at the
night sky without
being reminded of us.
— (j.d.a)

One was a speaker of Yesterday’s words
The other trusts in Tomorrow’s sunlight
They tried to play Today with the same chords
But they just could not make it sound quite right

One takes the road to escape the full moon
The other runs toward the dawn breaking
Though it might be hard, they believe that soon
they’ll be somewhere through these roads they’re taking

And there they’d kiss till their lips start to ache
they’d touch until their skins start to ignite
in the dark their hands would illuminate
and from there they would make love through the night

Though it seems so distant from where they are
they still tried to push beyond their limit
For dreams unfulfilled often turn sour
so they fuel their love with their deceit.

— (j.d.a)

I breathe real oxygen
and real sunlight kisses
my skin every morning

these lips, no matter
how bruised they may
seem to be, know how
to speak the language
of truth; unadulterated
muddy truth

and though they know
not a single word to make
gardens bloom in all their
glory, they still can break
the toughest tongues that
come their way

Everything here is beyond the
control of the ink of your pen.
This life is not one of those
fictional novels that you’re
fond of writing.

I wish just two things from you:
First, your acceptance. And
last, I want you to refrain
from manipulating my thoughts
as if I one of those vulnerable
characters in your story.

— (j.d.a)

And for the past few nights,
these empty dull eyes of mine
have been bleeding apologies
And they will bleed
even until this blood
runs dry and rust streams
down my veins

And they’ll continue
to do so
until the words I desire
flow out of your lips

The very lips that used
to touch my vulnerability with
such softness and passion

The very lips from where
I found the truth that is
quite hard to find
in words of love that are
often deceitful

And for these past few nights
the process goes on and on.
Again and again
And it would cease only if

The very lips of yours
that made this heart explode,
would learn how to speak
the language of forgiveness
and fix it
one fragile piece at a time

Repetition | (j.d.a)
    In between the whirling
moments of madness was
a fleeting second of sanity.
— (j.d.a)
    She looked at me softly; that’s how she stabs souls.
Ten Word Story | (j.d.a)
in her

All’s beautiful
though unwritten.
Ten Word Story | (j.d.a)

You cannot exhume
someone from the
dead and dress them
with fancy clothes like
they used to. Let them be
buried underground. Let
them stay hidden from
the superficial light of

The more days we spend
playing these phony games
of pretending, the more their
names burn the forests on
our skins.

The art of letting go is not
the same as the art of

The memories they left in
our minds will forever stay
as memories. That’s why
if we continue on making
artificial memories out of these,
we don’t just make the lame
imitations of the originals but
we also make fools out
of ourselves.

We double the pain by holding
on to someone that’s been
begging us to let them go. Their
souls are desperate for their
flight, and if you’d just
listen to the silence of the night
you may find there the melancholic
singing of the birds you caged in your

Kisses & Corpses | (j.d.a)

It all burns down to this:
your eyes searches for
tomorrows in my mouth
and our names etched on
the creases of our palms
scorch their way to

One way or another, there
will be fault lines cracking in
our voices. By that time, our
promises won’t sound like the
way they used to. We will
forget the faces of the people
we said we’d bleed ourselves
dry for.

We won’t be looking at the
spaces between our arms
after the storm instead we’ll
look up to the sky and find there
the very same emptiness
that upheaves our chests

It all burns down to this:
our story becomes a part of those
stories forgotten by generation
and all this will be legends and
you and I will be just happy
anonymous people in photographs

It all burns down to this.
I know, I never did see this
coming too.

It All Burns Down To This | (j.d.a)

With eyes wide shut, you shall
breathe in the universe illuminating
around you. Let the burning stardust
and collapsing nebulae run through
your nostrils and permeate your lungs.

There’s more life outside the horizons
you’re trapped in.

Open your arms wide.
Reach for the northern lights.
And let your faith take you
where you long to be.

Only by then, can you open
your eyes and witness
the beauty you’ve never seen,
never felt, never touched before.

Oh Icarus | (j.d.a)