© accioloki

when the sun sinks
down the horizon,
i watch these
two souls jazz
under the pale moonlight

back and forth
they sway
like two distant stars
pulling each other
closer and closer
until they collide
and burst in multitude
of stardust

but dear,
we are a different
couple of stars:
our paths are
not bound to cross
for we live at
a complicated
constellation that is
just as unfathomable
as the rest of the universe

there are cosmic forces
upon us and these are
the ones that set us apart

we may be stars
dazzling in the void
of the night sky
but before we
could even meet,
one of us will
surely fade to
darkness first

we are stars and our fates are written upon us | (j.d.a)

This heart of mine
is an open sea
that drowns everyone
who tries to sail
with its violent waves

Dear, to tell you honestly,
I have shipwrecks inside of me
and ghost are living
in each of them

I have sunken them
with my words
in forms of metaphors
and crashing waves
and now I pay the price

Leave me now,
and take your anchor
with you
let me drown with my
own solitude
let me sink with
my own blueness

Truth be told
I’m better when
I’m alone

— (j.d.a)

There comes a day
when the sweetness of the
way she speaks your name
becomes disturbing

You tell yourself
that she’s just a ghost
calling out for you
from the afterlife

There comes a day
when a memory of
her will be quite distressing
it becomes a nightmare

Sooner or later
you’ll call her poison
and yet you can’t help
yourself from drinking
a bottle of nostalgia

— (j.d.a)


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There are galaxies
colliding beneath our skins
for with every heartache
and every laughter
we birth a star

we’ll lay on each other’s
skin to skin
and no layer
of anything at all,

The pale moonlight
will witness
how each heartbeat
will be a supernova
and with these
skins that we wear
every touch will feel
like lightning

Come closer, dear
and whisper to my ears
the words
you’ve long kept
that are
as soft as thunder
and as a reply
I’ll kiss your scars

we shall birth
an entire universe

Kiss me harder
stay closer
and at the end
of this night
the chaos within us
will soon rest
in silence

We Have Skin For A Reason | (j.d.a)

My bones are calling
your name
in cold summer nights
like this

In disturbance, I hear
through your saccharine

My dear Winter, you left me like a wrecked house with broken windows and creaking floors. Every time someone tries to know the story behind these fist-shaped holes in my living room walls, my fragility pushes them back. I shut the door. And in the darkness, I chose to stay.

Loving you was
frozen fractals
of the icy winds
of December

The springtime breeze
may melt it down
But my heart
will always remember

This blue you gave me is not from the tint of the sky but from the depths of the ocean. Dark in every dot; it often feels like drowning. Dear Winter, this coldness you left me with will never be as cold as your warmth. I know, we were different individuals yesterday and that tomorrow we might never be the same again, but let me tell you this: if meeting you is the biggest mistake of my life, then I’d gladly commit that mistake over and over again.

Dear Winter,
your icy storms
will always live in
my heart

Adieu, to you say
yet living this life
is hard when
we are apart

A Farewell to Winter (A Eulogy) |(j.d.a) 
(as requested by wintermelodia)

-The Neo-states of America are now crumbling down. Ex-Defence Minister Yuhaajn Mufansa said in an exclusive interview that the rebel forces have gone way beyond expected. He insists that the government should try to listen to its people. “It’s getting worse” he added.

-Everything has changed since the Great Earthquake. Electromagnetic cars are now banned in 67 states because of a recent study that shows its negative effect on earth’s core.

-Nuclear power literally means everything nowadays. From inter-planetary transportation to cooking fried chicken, Nuclear Power has altered how earthly constituents face everyday life.

-Economy, on the other hand, booms since clones are used in productions of common goods. Though some human rights advocates oppose this system, the government strongly believes that it is against no law and is completely humane.

-With the invention of ultra-LED, a device used to convert brain waves to light rays, the course of intergalactic fashion has been forever re-tracked. Constituents of earth now wear these fancy Ultra-LED strap-ons on their head that acts mostly like a crown. The more flickering light bulbs, the more colors it has, then the higher level you are in the society.

-Every first Sunday of the month, as a partial fulfillment with Universal Act 3647, people are required to come to the nearest Malcolm Square at their place. During the three-hour long ceremony copies of books by infamous writers of the 20th century are being burned publicly. Xydria Chang, one of the proponents of the said ceremony commented that “John Green is the Beelzebub of our youth! This book burning ceremony is our way to show the rest of the universe that we are not under his diabolic way of writing.”

-On its 1025th founding anniversary, Human Health Organization announced that they have found the cure for Selfie. Zxzia Iv, the head of the Research Department proudly said “On behalf of our team, I am proud to say that after decades of research, we have finally come up with the cure for Narcissistic Social Disorder (NSD) or also known as Selfie. Patients with NSD will receive three shots of the said medicine and will be observed for two weeks or more until they show no sign of the said disorder.

3041 | (j.d.a)

I used to wear
my Technicolor dreamcoat
in lonely nights like this

Back when I was young
I dreamed of vibrant
dreams full of reds and greens

I see fields far and wide
waving under the grace
of the pale moonlight

There I see you standing
in the middle of the space
singing the music of the night

But then again, tonight
the moon shines blood
and every vivacious thing is dark

And in a flash, my nightmare came true
I am the weird man who got mad
who’ll leave my ego with a mark

I Used To Dream A Dream | (j.d.a)

there comes a point
in our lives
when we become ghosts

we walk down the streets
with hollow ribcages
and blank faces
and we tell people
“yes. I’m fine”
then we flash a smile
and an unfathomable
sensation crawls from
under our spine

when a mirror comes
right in front of us
we see a rotting skin
covering a void
a pair of deceitful eyes
a crooked smile
that all sums up
to a helpless child

the child reaches for our
hands and yet we close our fists
and smash the mirror
and we tell ourselves
“no. I’m fine.”

—  - (j.d.a)

bro, you have smoked
cigarettes since i don’t know when
and yet my conscience tells me
that today marks the time that
the number of sticks you’ve smoked is
way more than the days you have
spent here on earth.

don’t go telling me
“i’ll just go out. i need to smoke some sticks.”
bro, according to maslow’s hierarchy of needs
there are only five things
a person needs in this world
and a pack of cigars isn’t one of them.

if you respect the non-smoking population
around you, you don’t simply go out
and politely excuse yourself for a minute.
don’t let your ego dictate you what to do.
you control your hands
and your lungs
neither the nicotine between your teeth nor the
concerned government is responsible
for your dying cells

no. i am not judging you
who am I anyway?
i know for a fact that you do this thing
for a thousand reasons and I don’t
need to hear any of them

i’m not asking you
to tell me a story about your
first stick and how this smoking thing
all started what i want to hear is
the story about your last stick
and i hope i’m one of the reasons.

smoking doesn’t make you cool, bro. | (j.d.a)

the span of time
we have spent here on earth,
we unconsciously
learn how to run
from the things
we cannot accept

We turn our backs
from the truths that we fear
and instead of stretching our arms,
we close our palms
and distant ourselves
from the people
lending their hands

Pride: something that grows
as our innocence dies

It is as inevitable
as the fact that everything,
even the universe,
will someday perish

Pride takes roots
from the darkest soil,
and with our experiences
it nurtures itself
like a wicked flower

—  - (j.d.a)

-Similar to a voice
from a distant land,
truth must echo
and travel like dust
driven by the wind

-If one must die
for the truth to rise from the ocean
of deceitful words
One must die with
honour in his heart

-The whole universe
is a collection
of lies yet as a whole
is a truth that can
never be fully

-Truth is a force
that can reshape space
and time
that has been there
even before the first sunrise
and will stay there
even after the last sunset;
the truth will never perish
for it is a constant quantity

-Truth is out there
reaching for humanity’s arms.
The truth is the truth
even if our ears
refuse to listen to it.
If it’s something that didn’t
touch a part of you
then it is a lie.

-A lie is not truth’s antonym;
it is a version of it.
This is the truth
about the truth.

Truth is Singular | (j.d.a)


Hold my hand tonight
if tomorrow the dawn would
never break the dark

Stay with me and let’s
burn ourselves with our flames for
us to be reborn

From the ashes of
yesterday, we would rise and
we’d kiss till skyfall

If we’d die tonight
we’d die together with your
lips pressed against mine

At Skyfall, We’d Kiss (Haikus) | (j.d.a)

   Yesterday, a recurring memory of you sitting by the bench triggered me to leave the park. I know it’s been six months and my calloused fingers are tired of counting all the days that are yet to come. The empty sky didn’t help. It didn’t help at all.

   The bothering cerulean emptiness made me want to fill it up with something. And that something has always led to you; to a memory of you pushing your hair out of your face, you reading a book on a mundane Tuesday afternoon, you walking your dog in a park on a Monday morning, you closing the door, you leaving. You. You. And it always has been you that I think of. 

   I slept in a hope that a time of rest would ease the aching. And in the depth of my sleep I found you floating with the stars, soaring higher and higher with each passing second and yet it seemed to me that the distance between us slowly contracted to a void. I stretched out my arm and there you were: an inch away from my fingertips.

   We were about to touch. A collision of two earthly bodies was about to happen that in my opinion was a significant event. But just like how the sea erases childhood dreams written on the sand, you slowly faded. And the stars as well. And then there was darkness. Then there was just me. Alone.

   I opened my eyes and stared blankly at the ceiling. Then just like that, hours went by like seconds. I don’t know what I‘m doing with my life right now. It seems to me that I was once directed to a different fate yesterday and today I am heading towards the unknown.

A Random Stranger (at Sea Breeze Resort and Hotel)